Lowongan Kerja Caterpillar 2019

Rekrutmen.net - Loker 2019 Carterpillar.Inc. NYSE: CAR merupakan perusahaan multinasional produsen konstruksi dan peralatan pertanian yang bermarkas di Peoria, Illinois, Amerika Serikat. Perusahaan yang didirikan tahun 1925 ini memiliki 220 dealer, beroperasi di lebih dari 157 negara dan mempekerjakan sekitar 85.116 pekerja.

Pada tahun 2013, Caterpillar masuk dalam daftar Fortune 500, sebuah daftar peringkat perusahaan berdasarkan pendapatan kotornya yang dibuat oleh majalah Fortune setiap tahun. Caterpillar berada dalam peringkat 49 (sebelumnya peringkat 42) dengan pendapatan sekitar $55.656 juta, keuntungan sebesar $3.789 juta, dan total aset sebesar $84.896 juta.

Fortune juga mencatat bahwa pada tahun 2013, Caterpillar mengalami penurunan penjualan sebesar 16%, yang diakibatkan karena penurunan permintaan dari perusahaan-perusahaan tambang. CEO Oberhelman juga menyatakan bahwa kondisi pada tahun 2013 lebih buruk dari yang diperkirakan, dan memperingatkan kondisi yang sama mungkin akan terjadi pada tahun 2014.

Credit Administrator - (Job Number: 18000CNF)
JOB SUMMARY: Compile customer information for credit evaluation.

  • Receives credit applications or quote confirmations from credit or marketing personnel to begin the credit investigation progress.
  • Uses a telephone and PC to request Credit Bureau, D&B, TRW and/or small business credit reports and evaluates the results to determine if additional information is needed.
  • Contacts banks for account information, types of relationships and management opinions; trade and finance companies for information concerning types of lending, high credits, terms and payment experience; Secretary of States for corporate verification; and dealers for past credit history.
  • Gathers bonding and financial information for the credit file.
  • Prints the existing Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation (CFSC) account history and runs customer credit exposure reports out of the InfoLease system.
  • In conjunction with compiling information for the credit file, performs the initial credit application set-up within the leasing system
  • Throughout the entire process, evaluates the need to proceed in the credit investigation process and ensures information is gathered in a timely manner before being submitted for a credit decision.
  • May perform various office functions including the handling of correspondence with customers or dealers and processing UCC’, optical imaging operations, preparation of checks for bill payment, and insurance verification.
  • Participates in accomplishment of continuous improvement objectives for the department.  Progress toward accomplishment of these is measured through maintenance of necessary measurements and analysis of associated data.  Participates in the identification of problem areas and development of resolutions to address them.
  • Understands the Harassment policy of the company and is responsible for its application in all aspects of employment.

  • Ability to apply math computation skills.
  • Ability to use a typewriter and/or keyboard for 75% of the workday.
  • Ability to perform general office task.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:  Requires a Degree in either Management, Accounting, Finance Business or Economics.  A minimum of 1 year experience with exposure to credit-related activities.

Silakan bertanya, gunakan kalimat yang jelas dan sopan.
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