Lowongan Kerja Telkomsel Agustus 2021 - Rekrutmen Lowongan Kerja CPNS BUMN SMA D3 S1 Juni 2024
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Lowongan Kerja Telkomsel Agustus 2021

Rekrutmen.NET - Telkomsel merupakan  perusahaan operator telekomunikasi seluler di Indonesia.  Pada tahun 1993 PT Telkom mulai merambah teknologi nirkabel GSM, pada tahun 1994 PT Satelit Palapa Indonesia operator jaringan GSM pertama di Indonesia yang mengeluarkan kartu SIM muncul.. 


Growth Marketing
Your Responsibilities:

Develop and execute the AARRR Sales metrics (Acquisition - Activation - Retention - Referral- Revenue) to grow the digital channels.
Drive traffic to digital channels, including apps, websites, landing pages, social media, chat bot, etc., by developing and executing online and offline campaigns, including gamification, digital marketing, brand partnerships, on-ground activation, etc.
Prioritise growth channels and optimize them to consistently improve the performance and revenues coming from the digital touchpoints.
Develop and execute sales metrics on digital channel such as acquisition, transaction, engagement, retention and revenue
Collaborate with cross-functional roles from marketing, sales, area, campaign and product team to create, develop and launch digital campaign to increase traffic and revenue to digital channel
Plan and execute initiatives to reach audience through multiple and appropriate channels
Monitor and improve ROI campaign on digital channel to iterate better implementation


What You Will Need:

At least 2 years of experience in roles related to Digital Marketing
A creative design-thinking, problem-solving mindset and ability to manage and prioritize multiple internal and external stakeholders
Strong analytical thinking with ability to analyze data and understand customer behavior
Strong project management skills to handle various complex projects and to prioritize growth channel and optimized campaign performance
Strong team player and business acumen; possessing team synergy skills with a high level of enthusiasm in collaborating and influencing cross-functional teams through persuasive written and verbal communication
Ability to manage time and schedules to meet aggressive deadlines
Able to share strategies and roadmap to plan and execute digital campaign

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